In Religious Education 1.14.18

This Sunday in religious education, our children and youth will hear a story of an emperor and boy, continue to explore generosity, host a guest from the UUSC, learn about Judaism as one of our UU sources and consider the Martin Luther King, Jr. and our UU faith. 

This Sunday our RE Ambassador is Shelby Hunkins.  

Nursery will be open and staffed by Rebecca Pickens and TBA.   

Spirit Play will hear the story “The Empty Pot”, a green promise story about exploring what is true and right in life. 

Teachers: Sharon Tavernier and Cara Coffin  

Moral Tales will continue to explore generosity as an important spiritual discipline and religious act that is a central component of justice and goodness.  They will share joys and concerns with each other as well as learn about the concept of materialism. 

Teachers: Eileen Wheeler and Eileen Raymond

Maker Space will continue exploring the UUSC program, Guest at Your Table Program.  They will have guest speaker, Carly Cronon, UUSC Associate for Congregational Giving, join them via Skype to share details about the program and answer their questions. 

Teachers: Heather Rousell and Pete Wyckoff  

Neighboring Faiths will begin learning about Judasim.  Unitarian Universalism acknowledges our Jewish and Christian faith heritage as one of our Sources. In our contemporary society, Unitarian Universalists share with Jews strong values for education, equality, religious freedom, and social justice, grounded in a theological position that human agency matters in our own fates and the fate of our world. 

Teachers:  David Bradford and Debra Mitchell 

Youth Group  will consider the life of Martin Luther King, Jr, the civil rights movement have impacted on our social justice values. 

Advisors: Gabby Clover and Mark Berninghausen