Caring Circle

The Caring Circle is a group of church members and friends who respond when someone in our church community experiences needs and/or challenges due to illness, birth/adoption, death, or other life changes or special needs. The impact of these challenges can be eased by our caring for one another, person-to-person, family-to-family.

caringOur church’s mission statement reminds us that “The purpose of our religious community is to be a liberal presence seeking truth through intellectual and spiritual exploration in a caring and supportive environment. We accept a diversity of religious beliefs and support the values of compassion, justice, and integrity in our daily lives, in the education of our children, and in the larger world.”

To carry out our goal of being a caring and supportive community that supports the value of compassion, we invite you and your family to become active participants in our Caring Circle. We are also reaching out to you so you can let us know when you are in need of care. By caring for each other we create a strong community. By virtue of our humanity, we all have times when we need care from others and times when we want to reach out to others. The Caring Circle provides us with opportunities for those caring interactions.

How Can the Caring Circle Help?


Caring Circle members provide meals for people in the church community in times of need.

Cards & Notes

Caring Circle members send cards and notes to bring cheer and caring communication to those in our church family in periods of transition.


Caring Circle members provide transportation to church members in times of need. Rides to medical appointments are the most typical type of request.

Memorial Service Receptions

Caring Circle members take care of all aspects of memorial service receptions, providing set up, serving during receptions, and cleaning up, as well as making the food for receptions. Many members of the Caring Circle pitch in to host each reception; by working together, we each take on a portion of the work.

Other Special Needs

At other times of unexpected challenge, Caring Circle members work together to try to meet, in a caring and supportive way, whatever other needs our community may have.

Volunteer on the Caring Circle

To volunteer on the Caring Circle, complete the form below, or send an email to Caring Circle Coordinators Esther Oey, or Natalie Panshin.

On the form, please indicate which of the caring actions you would like to provide. When a need occurs in a category for which you have signed up, you will receive an email request from one of the Caring Circle Coordinators. By having many members of the Caring Circle, you are able to decline requests you’re not able to meet, knowing there are many others who will step forward.

Remember: If we contact you with a request, you are always free to decline if the timing doesn’t match your circumstances. If you ever have questions about the Caring Circle, please contact Caring Circle Coordinators, Natalie Panshin or Esther Oey directly or by emailing

Request help from the Caring Circle

If at any time you have a need, or if you are aware of someone in our church community in need, please contact Caring Circle Coordinators Esther Oey or Natalie Panshin. You may also contact the church office (386-2498) or simply fill out the Request for Help form below.

By letting us know of the needs that are in our community, you help us to do the work for which our group was designed, help us create a caring environment in keeping with our UU values, and allow us all to build deeper spiritual connections with one another.

The purpose of our Caring Circle is to respond when someone in our church community experiences needs and/or challenges.  These needs may be due to illness, birth/adoption, death in the family, or other life changes or special needs.   Please let us know what your need is, or a need you are aware of in our community.   If it would be easier to discuss in person, please indicate that you would like a phone call or email from one of the Caring Circle Coordinators: