Coots Library

The Coots Library is a lively place, open to new technology but affirming the age-old value of reading real books the real way.


The Coots Library, named for Max A. Coots, minister of our church from 1958 to l992, is a user-friendly library of about 700 adult books, 400 children's books, CDs, DVDs, church archives and other church reference materials. The library collects and maintains resources on religion, spirituality, and social issues, adding the latest titles related to UU thinking while maintaining an extensive collection of classic texts. Learn more about the history of the Coots Library.


The adult collection of the Max Coots Library makes available materials that reflect the mission of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Canton and the needs and interests of the congregation. Collected materials for both adults and children will:

  • increase understanding of Unitarian Universalism and other world religions, especially liberal theology and spirituality
  • affirm and promote the seven Unitarian Universalist Principles.
  • encourage faith development for all ages
  • support differences in abilities and circumstances
  • strengthen commitment to a peaceful and just world community
  • explore the spiritual dimensions of creative and literary expression

The highest priority is given to materials on Unitarian Universalist history, theology, spirituality, and church organization. We also focus on ethical and social justice issues of particular concern to Unitarian Universalists. As space and budget allow, we collect materials on the world’s religions, on spirituality in general, and on the relationship of religion to science, nature, the arts, literature, and social issues. Special consideration is given to works by Unitarian Universalist authors.

Currently, most materials are in book form. A substantial number CDs and DVDs are also available. New formats may be added as needs change.  The library is a repository for the formal church archives and for a variety of historical church materials.

Materials are selected by the Library Committee, in consultation with the minister when appropriate. Suggestions are always welcomed.

Gifts of materials falling within the purview of the collection are encouraged, but are subject to acceptance by the Library Committee. Donated materials must be in good condition, contribute to fulfilling the library’s mission, and be of recent publication unless of historical significance. We are unable to accept magazines or materials in outdated formats. Donated items not meeting these criteria will be returned to the donor or properly disposed of. All proceeds from any sales of items will go to the Coots Library.

Materials withdrawn from the collection will be disposed of at the discretion of the committee and will include making items of historical importance available to St. Lawrence University.

Congregational Help

Members of the congregation give the Library Committee much welcomed assistance in staffing a library table in the Social Room on Sunday mornings and in writing book reviews for the “I Just Read…” column in the monthly church newsletter (see below). They also generously participate in the annual holiday book sale.

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