In Religious Education 4.23.17

In religious education this week, our children and youth will learn about Zen gardens, explore our earth, perform music in worship, prepare for worship and more.

Our Acting DRE will be David Bradford and Esther Katz.

Our RE Ambassador for this Sunday is Esther Katz.

Nursery will be open and staffed by Anna Dickinson and Jean Williams -Bergen.

Spirit Play will learn about Zen Gardens, a Buddhist practice of praying and meditating which utilizes rocks and sand.

Teachers: Margaret Harloe and Cara Coffin

Our Caring Community will explore how the earth is always changing and transforming.  They will hear a story the growing, and start a small compost experiment.

Teachers: Janet McFarland and Pete Beekman

Maker Space will play the prelude during worship. During class they will debrief their experience and make plans to add content to their website.

Teachers: Carron Collins and Pete Wyckoff

Coming of Age will continue planning their worship service.  They will pick out appropriate songs and readings to  accompany their faith credos.  Please come to church with your credo.

Teachers: Rhonda Rodriguez and Arthur Freeheart

Youth Group will make plans to attend the Ottawa Tulip Festival the weekend of May 14.

Advisors: Desiree LeBoeuf and Leo Burger