In Religious Education 12.10.17

This Sunday in religious education, our children and youth will hear a story about a snowflake, continue exploring ideas about the Golden Rule, tally a vote, make plans for an OWL celebration, and discuss heresy. 

This Sunday our RE Ambassador is Jeff Frank.  

Nursery will be open and staffed by Jennifer Sorensen and Katie Boczarski.  

Spirit Play will hear the story “The Weight of a Snowflake.”  A red promise story about a chickadee who likes to count snowflakes. 

Teachers: Shelby Hunkins and Cara Coffin  

Moral Tales will continue to explore the Golden Rule. The children will help retell the story, “The Good Samaritan”.  They will also create a collage and Good Samaritan Gift Cards. 

Teachers: Eileen Wheeler and Eileen Raymond  

Maker Space will have their final democracy in action lesson.  They will visit other classrooms to help with voting, tally votes and announce the social justice project winner. 

Teachers: Anna Sorensen and Danny Thomas  

OWL/Neighboring Faiths will have their final session of Our Wholes Lives curriculum. They will be working to create presentations to share with their parents.  There will be a lunch celebration starting at 1pm for parents and youth to share their experiences and feedback. 

Teachers:  Jan DeWaters, Jim Williams and Debra Mitchell 

Youth Group  will explore our UU heretical past through story and a Blueboat blog post.  They will then discuss how they are living heretical today. 

Advisors: Gabrielle Clover and Laura Foster