In Religious Education 10.15.17

This Sunday in religious education, our children and youth will hear a story about our chalice, participate in a water ceremony, learn about faith, hope and prayer, create educational materials about pollinators, learn about human anatomy and go canoeing. 

This Sunday our Acting DRE and RE Ambassador is Wil Rivers. 

Nursery will be open and staffed by Jennifer Sorensen and Rachel Sturges.  We will hear the story A Cup of Light about our chalice. 

Spirit Play will participate in a water ceremony, one of our UU rituals.  Children should plan to bring a small amount of water from home or a special place. 

Teachers: Margaret Harloe and Shelby Hunkins 

Moral Tales will be introduced to faith, hope and prayer as tools that can help us discern the path of goodness and justice. They will hear a story in which a shah decides to test a poor Jewish man’s faith and creates challenges for him to face. 

Teachers: Jenn Whittaker and Jim Rudd 

Maker Space will continue to create by making an educational poster board about the importance of pollinators.  They will also begin making small bee hotels. 

Teachers: Ron Tavernier and Miles Manchester 

OWL/Neighboring Faiths will continue the Our Wholes lives curriculum.  They will be viewing a slideshow and learning about bodies and their functions. 

Teachers: Jim Williams and Jan DeWaters 

Youth Group  will go canoeing on the Little and Grasse Rivers.  Please come prepared to be outside and bring a water bottle and snacks.  We will depart the church at 10:30am.  If weather is inclement, youth will engage in games and planning. 

Advisors: Bill Short and Glen Butler